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192 Vo Nguyen Giap Str., Son Tra Disct, Da Nang City

5.6 km from Danang airport ...

(+84)236 3 913 999

1 Room, 1 Adult, 0 Child, 1 Night
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Ca Chia Voi Restaurant

Ca Chia Voi Restaurant

The taste of Da Nang Sea

The restaurant is named after a local fish. This fish is a favorited dish with special flavor and taste which is hard to resist. Ca Chia Voi restaurant is loved for its convertible space both indoor and outdoor. Up to 200 guests of capacity,  this is great venure for customers to enjoy an outdoors BBQ buffet. The space can be arranged in variety of styles, from banquet table, board table, canapes table etc. which suites all needs of customers.